my son and grandson and the vintage trike!

Journaling IsFor Russ' second birthday, his dad found a Radio Flyer tricycle at a garage sale. He brought it home and painted it glitter red with gold trim. Russ loved that trike and was a speed demon on it! So when Russ’ son Benjamin turned two, Bodo (Benjamin calls his grandpop Bodo) took the old trike apart and painted it a nice glittery red with gold trim. Benjamin is just as fast as his daddy was. I wonder if that trike will still be around when Benjamin has a son

kits are Miss Fish & Shepherd Studio's Magical Days

and Magical Kingdom

the template was a Miss Fish Freebie ... Dress a Template iNSD 2020

The trike is from Cathy K's Backyard Fun (recolored)

Fonts are Banitta Monoline, LD Butter Cream and Magnificent