JOURNALING: The first flower I remember liking was a tulip, probably because my parents had planted some bulbs in the raised flower beds in front of our house. At my new home, I have one lonely yellow tulip, planted by a previous homeowner. I plan to plant more tulip bulbs in the fall. Even so, my favorite flower now has changed. We had a beautiful, prolific Rose of Sharon bush in our backyard in Florida. Since my name is “Sharon” I came to love these beautiful flowers. I thought I would not see them again after my move to Ohio. Lo and behold, there is a Rose of Sharon bush right outside my patio fence. How lucky am I?!!  PHOTOS: Tulip, 4/17/21; Rose of Sharon, 7/17/20

CREDITS: PHOTOS – by me; FLAIRS – created by me with clipart; KITS – “2020 April Mini Kit”, Connie Prince; “Play Fetch”, Wimpy Chompers; “Bring on Spring”, Collab; FONT – Complete in Him