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JOURNALING: There’s a season in Kansas that I didn’t know about until I moved it… the wild season of morel mushrooms. Morel sightings are at the very beginning of spring. These elusive and expensive mushrooms can only be found where they naturally grow, but only when it’s been wet enough, making them a hot commodity. Each spring, mushroom hunters hit the back pastures and wooded areas to harvest these decadent treats.

I was thrilled when Randy’s friends invited us over for morels this spring, and was surprised at the huge size of them. The exterior has a honeycomb texture, and the inside is white and hollow. These meaty bites have a rich, nutty flavor. Leslie enhanced that flavor by breading and frying them on the stovetop. It was a perfect pairing with steaks from the grill.

Perhaps next year, I’ll get to try harvesting these mushrooms. I’ve been told that they can be difficult to spot. But for now, I’m tickled to have had the chance to sample this yummy, local fare. April 2021