When I was growing up, one of my favorite nicknames was “The Fourth-of-July Kid.”  I was born shortly after July 4th, even though I was supposed to be born around Labor Day.  On July 4th that year, Mom and Dad were down at the parade grounds just north of Fort Vancouver, where there always was a huge fireworks show.  They were watching the fireworks, and every time there was a huge one that I could feel, I jumped, kicking Mom in the ribs.  Because of my due date, this was more activity than they expected at the time, but they chalked it up to the loud fireworks.  Well, yes and no!

A week later, Mom was having labor pains, which she assumed were false ones because of my expected birth date.  The next morning, she and Dad went into the maternity ward.  It was still really early, the middle of the night actually, and they had to call the doctor at home.  He rushed to the hospital, took a look at what was happening, and told my dad to say any last-minute words of encouragement to my mom because they were wheeling her right in.  Dad said, “You mean the baby’s going to be born today?”  The doctor said, “I mean that baby’s going to be born NOW!”

Mom wasn’t in labor long after that, and I was kept for 10 days in the NICU in an incubator so that I could get oxygen and be monitored.  The doctor was still so flustered when he came to tell Dad the good news that he told Dad I was a boy!  He caught his error as they were hurrying down the hallway to see me, and checked with Dad that he didn’t disappoint him too much by saying the wrong one first.  Dad was just glad that Mom and I were both ok!

I used a template from “Fourth Fun” by The Cherry On Top, 2 papers from “Americat” by LouCee Creations, 3 papers from “Travelogue:  Wisconsin” by Connie Prince, the challenge brush by Alexis Design Studio, a paper from “Colder Weather” by Scraps N Pieces, 3 papers from “Oh, Deer” by Scraps N Pieces, 1 element from “Chalk it Up” by Karen Schulz, and 3 elements from “My Favorite Rag Doll #1” by The Polka Dot Chicks.