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To be honest, I didn’t really want another dog, and I really didn’t want a puppy, never mind a puppy with saucer
size feet.  But, there she was, and she was so sweet.  She liked the cats, liked my ancient Min Pin and knew to go
outside when she needed to!  That night, asleep in the huge crate she would grow into, she was whimpering in her sleep. All my mom instincts took over, and I got her out of her lonely crate (she’d had 7 brothers & sisters!), wrapped her in a soft blanket, and rocked her like the 3 month old baby she really was.  She was mine.  I told her what a wonderful life she would have with me.  She’d have toys and good food and she would get to go places and have warm beds and blankies. She fit into the cat’s bed for a few weeks and was surprised when she didn’t any longer. As for sleeping with her head hanging over onto the floor - she still does, even when she has a huge bed. She’s still my baby.