Spice of Life by GingerbreadLadies
Needles by Magical Scraps Galore
Knitted element by Gingerbread Ladies
Ribbon by snickerdoodle design(recoloured)
Travellers Notebook 9 template by Miss Fish(modified)
Spiral rings by MissFish(modified)

Kitenge is the brightly coloured fabric that is very common in East, Central, and West Africa. Kitenge garments in the form of men’s shirts as well as stylishly tailored women’s dresses are a very frequent sight. Pieces of the fabric wrapped as a sarong are just as numerous. Large pieces of Kitenge fabric in a wonderful mosaic of colours and patterns are available at most of the markets. Even little markets with just a few stalls sell Kitenge. A 6-metre piece of fabric costs about $10.00. We loved the endless parade of vibrant colours and swirls and quickly realised that we never saw repeated patterns.  Margaret’s crafty instincts soon took over and she devised a way to create strips from the fabric and was able to knit a range of items such as bowls, purses, vests, and more!  Krafting with Kitenge has been one of the unexpected bonuses of extended periods of lockdown. As long as the fabric supplies are replenished when the lockdowns ease, there seems to be no limit to Margaret’s krafty kreations.

Photos and jouralling taken from cousin Tim's Kilgali blog and used with permission