Journaling reads: Ever since you were 3 years old; we have had a family garden each summer. It was started as a fun project for mommy and daddy to grow some tomatoes for us to eat. Little did we know how into it the whole family would get? Right away, even at two years old, you wanted to be involved in the growing process. You demanded you have your own batch of tomatoes all to yourself. We thought we would have to care for your tomatoes as we did ours; but having the garden taught you responsibility. You took great pride in your tomato plants. You made sure they were watered daily and were free of weeds. You were not scared to get right down and dirty digging in the mud and pulling the weeds around the plants. You even made sure the tomatoes had their special cages around them just right so that they would not fall over. Each and everyday you would run out to the side of the garage where we had your little tomato garden planted and you would check over the plants and make sure they were getting enough sun and were free of bugs. You watched the plants grow from tiny buds to full grown tomatoes! I remember the day your first tiny green tomato appeared on one of your plants! You wanted to pick it right then and there! We had to teach you how to tell if a tomato was ready or not and after that you were a pro! I believe you had more tomatoes that first summer then mommy and daddy did in their garden. Maybe it was all the love and care you put into yours! And boy or boy did you make it known each time we ate one of your tomatoes! That you grew them all by

Kit Used:
Green Thumb by Blue Heart Scraps!