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On September 24, 2021, we visited the replica of the Titanic in Pigeon Forge, TN. We learned about the construction of this massive ship, viewed the various decks, and learned about the people that took the trip. As we entered, we were given a card which placed us as one of the passengers or crew. We experienced the freezing waters as we dipped our hands into the cold pool. At the end of the tour, we discovered if our person survived or not. It was an experience not easily forgotten.

from Wikepedia:
RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner operated by the White Star Line that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on 15 April 1912, after striking an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City. Of the estimated 2,224 passengers and crew aboard, more than 1,500 died, making the sinking at the time one of the deadliest of a single ship and the deadliest peacetime sinking of a superliner or cruise ship to date.
Titanic was under the command of Captain Edward Smith, who went down with the ship.

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