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I was born in the wee hours of January 12, 1952. I have no idea what my birth weight or length was but I can tell you I was a chubby baby, lol! Dad wanted to name me Susan but mom insisted that I be named Rebecca. Sue became my middle name. Rebecca is of Hebrew origin and means “bound, captivating, knotted cord.” I lived with my mom, Waneta, my dad, Don, and my brother, Steven. It was a little home on River Road, Hamilton, Ohio. Frank and Maude Anderson and Edward and May Grathwohl were my grandparents. The only one I really knew was grandma Grathwohl because the others passed early on in my life. Dad spent his years working for the B&O railroad and mom held several different jobs throughout her life. I have one older brother, Steven, who always needed to be the center of attention, and a younger brother, Tim, who turned out to be my best friend.