I don't often use quick pages but this one was just so pretty! I used Adobe's Object Selection Tool to tuck the ribbon below the cameo. 

Journaling:This is the antique book my son surprised me with. After some other packages came in which we were expecting he says, “Oh and there was this too.” And he hands me this old book. Actually, he surprised me so well that at first he had me thinking I had accidently ordered this somehow. He sure knows his mom tho! Funny thing is the listing on ebay had the date of the book as 1823, knowing the early 19th century is my favorite period. But after we got to looking at the date on the book, the actual date is 1723!  It has a lot of interesting facts, genealogy & geographical information like who was importing goods from what countries at the time. Quite a neat glimpse of history. The Present State of Great Britain and Ireland in Three Parts  

Credits -> True North Quickpage & Ribbon (Evergreen) by Aimee Harrison Designs