Journaling reads:As the parent of an airline pilot, it's embarrassing what a terrible air traveler I am. Never good in any situation where I don't know the routine, the second I step into an airport it's like every last brain cell I have disappears. I'm a little more relaxed after I get through security, but I'm not a relaxed air traveler. Jonathan's fiancee, Angie, traveled with us and she is a pretty seasoned traveler. She got us through security witout a hitch, although I almost forgot to tell them I had two bionic knees and a bionic hip. Setting off alarms would have really relaxed me, not. Angie knew where the best Bloody Mary's were, and the Bloody Mary before boarding, helped. The silver lining was when my new best friend, Ricky, in his formal blue gloves, said , "Would you like a glass of champagne while we finish boarding & get ready to taxi?" Uhm, twist my arm, oww! Later he pulled a cork out of an actual honest-to-goodness bottle of wine. I've always thought those little $7 bottles of wine were a deal when it came to me and airplanes, but flying first class to Denver was pretty cool. In case you're wondering, yes, I was able to walk off the plane.

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