Journaling reads: My other deep dark secret, I am geographically impaired; thank goodness Jonathan didn't inherit my lack of direction. I can get lost with a map. I sure don't want a pilot that can. I do left, right, up, down and that's it. I thought to get to Denver, we'd take a left out of Minnesota and go straight. I did learn the states and locations multiple times in school; I'd take the test, get the A, and it would all leak out of my brain. Temps were in the 20's when we left the Minneapolis Airport and two hours later, we were in Denver, with a temp of 58! Not only delightful because it felt wonderful, but also because my coat and mittens were in the car at the airport in Minneapolis. We dropped our things off at the hotel and while Jonathan was in training, the three of us started exploring the birthplace of beer and microbreweries. Angie was our tour guide. At Longhorn Brewery we sat outside and I pulled off my Minnesota boots and enjoyed my beer barefoot. The wine at Blanchard Family Winery was good; charcuterie was exceptional. Yes, I was still walking upright when we got back to the hotel.

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