Kit: Reach For The Stars by CathyK Designs | Orange flower: Best Of My Love by Aimeeh Designs | Orange paper: Egg-citing Easter by CathyK Designs | Mask: Mar 2020 by Heartstrings Scrap Art |Template: kickstarters9 by Connie Prince | Space photos from NASA

In between watching the news pouring out from Ukraine, and the last depressing report about climate change, life went on as usual. Bella and I played ball since her day is not complete until we have, we went out to view the beautiful night sky, and I mostly managed to keep the bird feeder filled up, although these little field sparrows are letting me know that their breakfast is late. I had to change feeders this week since 3 big flocks of cowbirds flew into the yard and overwhelmed the feeders that I had out. There was at least 200 of them filling the large trees at the edge of my property. I don’t like cowbirds to start with, but I couldn’t afford to feed them all if I did. I put out tube feeders and the cowbirds are too large to use them, which means so are the cardinals, which I hate because I love them. It was fun watching the little ones figure out how to use these feeders.  March 2nd was the 50th anniversary of the launching of Pioneer 10! NASA launched its Pioneer 10 spacecraft 50 years ago on March 2, 1972. It’s hard to describe how exciting that day was, and I loved watching it all.  It was NASA’s first mission to the outer planets! The craft’s main mission was to fly past Jupiter, which it did, coming closest on December 4, 1973 It survived the intense radiation that surrounds the giant planet and then continued on a trajectory that would take it out of our solar system. It crossed in the orbit of Saturn in 1976 and the orbit of Neptune in 1983. And today – although contact with the craft has been terminated – Pioneer 10 is still heading outward. Pioneer 10 sent its last signal to Earth in January 2003 from a distance of 7.6 billion miles. (from EarthSkyNews) And on the 3rd, I saw my first purple finch back from wherever they went last fall.