Every now and then I do a page that's "A day in my life.” I write in my journaling a lot about events and other people. Years from now my nieces, and maybe their kids if they decide to have them, will be able to see what one of my days in 2022 would like in 2044. (& I'll be able to remember what I looked like 20 years ago!)


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Chronicles of Nani Vlog

debuted yesterday

Which includes:

The good - Ukraine's reaction to Russia's attack and Volodymyr Zelensky’s use of social media and presence rather than hiding during the attack.

The bad - American politicians who dared praise Vladimir Putin for his actions prior to war. Praising the actions of a dictator is as un-American, as anti-America, as it gets.

The ugly - Putin's seeming desire to start World War III. (It includes arresting and jailing Russians who are protesting the attack on Ukraine.) 



Weekend Wake Up Music, I Lived, One Republic

10 from my library on random

Now Or Never, Elvis; Message In A Bottle, Police; Angel Down, Lady Gaga; Swan Lake Finale, Tchaikovsky; Run, Pink Floyd; Love Me Now, John Legend; Love Of My Life, Sammy Kershaw; Make You Feel My Love, Adele; Pony, Ginuwine; Goody Two Shoes, Adam Ant


Current book

Audible - just finished , "The Truths We Hold”,  written and read by, Kamala Harris


Current Top 5 Foods

Rolos, Tabouli, Baby Carrots. Vegetarian Grape Leaves, Nacho Fries are Back at Taco Bell!