Celebrate: Your New Job by Meagan's Creations

You Are My Anchor Bundle by Studio Basic & Pink Reptile Designs

Almost Adulting: Bundle by Erica Zane

When you were little, we were told by doctors not to expect much of your future. Doctors believed more than likely you would need to depend on your parents for most of your life, or even be placed in a home for special needs. Yet throughout your life, you have proved them wrong many of times. You have gained speech to help you succeed. A struggle we once thought impossible for you. And than today you had your first real job interview and nailed a job at Hardens! Another hurdle we once though impossible. As you continue to grow into a young adult. I hope you continue to break down the barriers' that stand in your way. I hope you achieve all the things you dream. I am so proud of you, Kman.