Journaling: Saffire - Her mother was our outdoor cat named Classy. She normally lived in the patch of woods behind us & would come and go as she pleased. Though aloof & shy she was always friendly with us. For the first time after many years she had a litter of kittens which she had near the house. Then very shortly after, something must have happened to her because we discovered her missing & she never came back. We didn't know she had been missing so all but two of her kittens had starved to death. We rescued them, and began feeding them and it looked like they were both going to make it but suddenly her brother died. However, Saffire - tho you could tell she missed her brother, survived and she turned out to be the apple of my youngest boy’s eyes. He still adores this kitty. She is shown here with my oldest at home in her favorite position as a kitten - in our arms and stretched out for a nap.  May 16, 2019

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