Cityscape Bundle by Studio Basic Little Butterfly Wings
Roadscape Bundle by Studio Basic Little Butterfly Wings

Journal Reads:
We both had the day off and had stressful work weeks. We just knew it was a good day to get out of town. We filled the car full of gas and laid a blanket for Neelix in the back seat and off we went on an adventure. I had been looking for a certian gift bag from the Dollar Tree for the brides maids for our wedding coming up in less than four months! And we had checked all the local stores many times, so we had the plan to go down to Madison to check out their many stores. Well, fate had other plans in store for us. Around Mauston, Wisconsin we hit horrible road construction! We ended up having to crawl along the highway at less than 10 miles an hour for over two hours! We were both overwhelmed by traffic and did not want to spend much more time in the car! We checked out the Dollar Tree in Mauston and changed our plans to just go to the Dell's and nearby Baraboo to look and enjoy the sunshine of the day. Making our way through even more road work, we made it to Wisconsin Dells a little after 3 Pm. We were starving so we went to our most favorite burger joint, Five Guys. We don't have one local yet, so it is always a treat. Eric got two large burgers and I got my normal one. We ended up splitting a regular fry (you always get more than enough to go around). After lunch, we checked out the local Dollar Tree's where I sadly didn't find what I was looking for, but Eric found some goodies he wanted. We drove around and checked out local Targets, Walmarts and Ross Dress for Less also. As we headed home we made a quick stop at the Famous Baraboo candy store, were we picked up a few Gooy fresh Cow Pie treats for the ride home. It was a perfect day spent enjoying each other's company. And while it wasn't what we were expecting the day to bring, we ended up having a good time and memories to look back on in years to come.