The world’s largest living plant has been identified in the 

shallow waters off the coast of Westerh Australia. The sprawling 

seagrass, a marine flowering plant known as Posidonia austalis, 

stretches for more than 112 miles in Shark Bay, a wilderness area 

protected as a World Heritage site, said Elizabeth Sinclair, a senior 

research fellow at the School of Biological Sciences and Oceans 

Institute at The University of Western Australia.

That’s about the distance between San Diego and Los Angeles.

The plant is so large because it clones itself, creating genetically

identical offshoots. This process is a way of reproducing that is 

 rare in the animal kingdonm although it happens in certain

 environmental conditions and occurs more often among

  some plants, fungi, and bacteria.   

                 (CNN June 2, 2022) 


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photo: University Western Australia/AP