Prehistoric World by Magical Scraps Galore 

I LOVE dinosaurs!! Even though I am now a great-grandmother, I still love them.  Over the years, I have unashamedly made use of my grandchildren to provide a reason for someone of my vintage to be at a dinosaur movie.  On this occasion, even though the grandkids are now adults themselves, they were more than happy to indulge their grandmother’s fetish with a trip to the movies to see Jurassic World Dominion.  It was like old times when they would stay with us during school hols and a movie date, together with the obligatory popcorn and choc tops, was always on the agenda. We had such a great time together. I love these girls so much and am so grateful that they still want to spend time with me!!...and they weren’t TOO embarrassed to pose for a photo in front of the movie poster.