While one of my friends is known as "Break-All-The-Things" Mike, I hold the record for doing stupid things that usually end in pain. I usually refer to these, tongue-in-cheek, as my 'Brilliant Ideas for the Day.'
Here I'm reenacting the dumb things I did during our Humans vs Zombies game: literally diving headfirst into a bush and my boyfriend had to pull me out, swinging off of a tree branch and hitting my head, and jumping off of the cafe stairs because I didn't want to slow down to run down them and banged up my knees pretty good.
I'm not allowed to jump off of things anymore, but none of the guys know that I took these photos yesterday, haha!

Fonts: Jungle Jungallery for the Font Challenge
Pea Lauren France and Pea Bev from Fonts for Peas
Papers: Pet Shop Buffet papers by Pretty in Green and Statements by Jodi
Scraplifted from a layout by Pixels by Jen! https://gallery.gingerscraps.net/showphoto.php?photo=43697&title=beach-2c-nature-27s-sandbo&cat=651