Credits: Daydreaming by Just Because Studio



26 years ago it came free with a book about using crystals for meditation and spiritual healing. I just finished my required religion or philosophy class for college and I chose world religions that did not include Christianity, Judaism or Islam. It was a fascinating class! I was interested in religions that used meditation as part of their spiritual practices. If the tapes I had for self hypnosis to obtain quick and deep sleep hadn’t worked, I never would've made it through my last two years. 

At first I was kind of disappointed. I had a few pieces of jewelry that were made from crystals in beautiful heart & cube shapes and I've seen crystal artwork at renaissance festivals that was just beautiful. And this was my personal crystal - an ugly hunk of glass.

But I read the book and looked at the crystal as I was reading. I got to really know what the crystal looks like. I held it up to the sunlight and I saw the imperfections inside the crystal and how they caught the light from the sun and created beautiful patterns in the crystal. Even the bottom of the crystal which just looks shattered and chewed up, even with a spot that looks almost dirty in the middle of it, when you hold it to the sun or even a lamp light the lights seem to jump off the ridges and dance in the bottom. The smooth top that has the standard shapes that you see in a “mystical crystal" has a chunk broken out of it. But even in that space light changes the look of the crystal in the inside.

My personal crystal may not look perfect when you first see it but when you really look at it and you study it and see what's inside, there is a lot of beauty. 

26 years later I still have that crystal and when I'm feeling my worst, I hold my crystal and it still helps me remember that inside myself and inside everyone there is something beautiful.