Contrary to normal use of thimbles, my collection is more of a showpiece and tells a story. When I was young I traveled to Scandinavia for several months, getting a taste for travel... much later I traveled in Europe with my friend and again with my daughter... I traveled with a friend across Canada, and with friends to the Carribean Isands and to Mexico and with my job I traveled extensively across the US.

I wanted a way to remember places I visited or worked, something that told me where I had been, but something easily collected and transported.

Voila!! My thimble collection... which now numbers 88 from various states and countries... I always try to find unique ones, not the touristy souvenirs one sees everywhere... I have a medieval one from England, a bust of Shakespeare, a straw one from Mexico, one of porcelain china with painted heather from Scotland to name a few..

Thanks to Boomers Girl's Designs for the inspiration, I used Karen Schulz kit, By Design