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CarolW Designs: Leap Into Leaves kit and Extras

**butterfly charm modified to create the blue flower frame

PrelstnayaP: Keep Your Memories: Watercolor Borders Set 3 (masked away photo edges)

State Park Sign extracted from personal photo

Fonts: Avenir Next Condensed, Academy Engraved LET plain


Cheyenne Mountain State Park in Colorado is located where the prairie and foothills blend into the Rocky Mountains. Being the photographer is the easy part of capturing a photo. Den has to deal with getting the dogs perfectly posed. In the large photo he is actually lying on the ground - out of sight - while prompting  Bailey and Shiloh to “STAY.” Later I wanted a closeup of the dogs’ heads overlooking the valley. I started snapping pictures as I waited for Den to gradually move out of frame. Unfortunately, Shiloh had learned to jump over the top rail and Bailey slipped over the middle rail - eagerly running to their master. Initially I thought “I will just clone Den out of the scene”  but the original photo tells its own story. Another photo goal was for me to step onto the other side of the fence so I could capture the dogs looking at me over it with Cheyenne Mountain looming large behind them. The afternoon sun wouldn’t do the mountain justice so I planned to capture that photo the following morning - the day we were leaving. Disappointingly, the day was dark and gray. Cheyenne Mountain was shrouded with heavy clouds.   October 2022