October 2022 Color Challenge: Red, Orange, Yellow

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 Template- Tinci: A Pretty Winter -modified

Primary Kit - Connie Prince: Life Chronicled:Autumn

Also by Connie Prince: Bibliophile and Gather

Wilson State Park Decal by DavesRusticDecormore  (found online)

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Wilson State Park in Kansas was an unplanned stop on our return trip home. We had planned on Cedar Bluffs State Park about 60 miles farther down the road but it was showing no available campsites. This was just going to be a single night stop along our route. Since we were there only for one night, there was not much time to explore the different trails in the area. An unexpected nearby tourist attraction was our afternoon activity. We didn’t take the tour because we had the dogs with us. We did find some open areas away from the central campground area to let the dogs run loose for a short frolic. We were surprised by the price for the day pass and campsite fees. Even with electricity and water hookups the cost was less than parks in Nebraska or Colorado for a basic site without utilities. The showers were free and without the standard 4 minute timer. The only downside was being parked across from some folks who were above the customary leash law with three dogs on the loose. True - we also violated the law but we were far from other campers and closely watched the dogs. The pretty vibrant sunset was a great way to end our single night stay.

 Garden of Eden - *Roadside Attraction in a small town. *Samuel Dinsmore began building his home and sculpture garden at 62 years of age. *113 tons of concrete used for the 150 different scultpures *40 ft tall mausoleum in the backyard where Dinsmoor is entombed, above his first wife, in his photo-op concrete coffin, beneath a glass lid. *National Register of Historic Places  *Lots more interesting facts on the internet