Brad & Lori 11-12-22
Mark & I have been friends with Lori and Brad since summer of 1989 when we were both pregnant with our first babies. We were still newish to McCoy and hadn’t made a lot of close friends yet. Then one Sunday we happened to sit in the same pew as a young couple we hadn’t met yet. Both of us future moms looked down the pew at each other and unknown to either of us at the time, whispered to our husbands, “Look, she’s pregnant too!” I don’t recall exactly when we started spending time together but that day was the beginning of a lifetime of friendship not only between Lori & I but also between Mark & Brad and as our families grew we became even closer with one another, even taking a few family vacations together. We have had so many wonderful memories with the Springers. Photo taken 11/12/22 at Five Star Dive Bar.
• All created in Affinity for computer
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