Journaling reads:
There's a cup of tea brewing in the teapot
It's deliciously dark and delightfully hot
I'm pouring it soon in your favourite cup
And I'll sit with you then as you drink it all up

I'll blow on my tea as I'm watching yours steam
And I'll savour each drop as I sit back and dream
And I'll see your sweet smile as I rock in my chair
And look over your way knowing you will be there.

But the light starts to fade and the steam drifts away
And your chair's cold and empty, there's nothing to say
Just I miss you so much and I miss you and me
And our books and our films and the taste of our tea

I miss you, dear mum, and I wish you were here,
Still sharing my days and my hopes and my fears.
So I pour you a cup and pretend you're with me
And smile as I cherish each sweet memory

Challenge Brush from Alexis Design Studio (Nov 2023)
Just for Today from Alexis Design Studio
Pumpkin Spice by Alexis Design Studio
Relaxation by Alexis Design Studio
Beautiful Inside by Alexis Design Studio

Font: I love Glitter