Journaling reads:

I am happiest when his hand is in mine
My head on his shoulder, our hearts intertwined
I am happiest when he has things to do
And I'm here enveloped by peace through and through

I am happiest when my children are home
In the fun and the laughter, I'm never alone
I am happiest when I am peaceful and free
And the children are busy and it is just me

I was happiest when I was just a child
And the wonderful times were so free and so wild
I was happiest when my childhood had sailed
Leaving wisdom, and kindness, and love in its trail

I was happiest when at work with my crew
With the chaos and friendships and so much to do
I was happiest retired and when working no more
And I was blessed with more freedom than ever before

So the happiest moments, it seems that somehow
Are the ones I had then and the ones I have now

Building Bridges Collection by Jumpstart Designs

Breamcatcher, Baroneys