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Font - Heal The World

I believe I just got me a new favorite author. Ali Hazelwood writes funny books with wonderful characters. It's like classical romcom movies, but with a new fresh view on women. In classical romcoms the girls where either stupid and beautiful or smart and ugly (i.e. wearing glasses). The only way for the ugly girls was to become beautiful (i.e. remove their glasses). In Ali Hazelwood's books, all women are beautiful and smart, and it's totally natural. The books are funny and romantical. She creates interesting characters and exciting plots, with the exact right level of cringe, as it should be in a romcom plot. This is exactly what the world has been missing: romantic, funny stories to strengthen girls, not to try and force them into medival gender rolls, where you only get the handsome guy if you only adjust yourself enough. Here, the girls are strong, fend for themselves and have demands. At the same time, it's sexy, exciting and fun.