Wow... I did mine and realized that I took it really literal... LOL... like... if I was dropped off on a desert island somewhere I'd REALLY be able to survive... I mean, I even found a solar powered laptop with satellite internet access!!!!!!! Aside from that... none of these things are PERSONAL to me... but there is a different between surviving and being happy... so... I decided... I could survive without my kids and husband... but I'd not be happy... well... I could survive so long as I knew that they were well and ok... let me say that... but... if we ever got stranded anywhere, I've got everything we really need... lol... including first aid supplies!

1.Ultimate First Aid kit
2. Earth Box to grow plants (comes with starter seeds)
3. Gerber Sport utility pack
4. Magnesium fire starter
5. Solar powered laptop with built in GPS and satellite internet access
6. Cast iron Wok with handles that can be set directly in the fire or elevated above the fire for cooking food and boiling water
7. A net with a man who knew how to fish!
8. Dry foods that could keep well
9. Needle and thread (for injuries or piecing clothing together for a shelter, repairing and making nets, etc
10. Metal Wire... this is VERY useful for making the framework for a shelter or tying wood together, etc...