Because I have to move this coming weekend and I am only half way packed, I had to do this in a hurry!

Wk 3 Challenge

My Dearest Darling John,
I caught you with tears in your eyes and asked what was wrong.
You werenít feeling well and we were getting ready to move. You told me that you were sorry that you were putting so much on my shoulders. Not just the move but also with your illness.
John, I love you so much. Thirteen years ago when we sat down and discussed your age and what would happen when you got to this point and what we would do.
I told you then that as long as I was able to, I would take care of you. There was no way that you would go into a nursing home.
Now we have extra help from the hospice people. Also you having worked in the uranium mines means we can call on the nursing from that. But until I canít handle it anymore, you are stuck with me.
I have had thirteen years to walk away from it and you. I havenít and wonít. I love you way too much.
Your honeybunch, Tess

Items used are from the STS August "Summer Camp" Blog Train except the vellum is by me.
Papers: Samantha Scraps
Stitching: Let Me Scrapbook
Elements: Scraps by Andrea
Fonts: Pea Sara Script and Rebekah's Birthday