Dear Edward,

Where do I begin? I am a 32 year old, married mother of two, and I’m in love with a vampire. I’m not sure what it is exactly that draws me to you. I’m not a vamp fanatic per se, I do love vampire movies, books, TV shows, etc. But I’ve never been in love with one before. Until you. Is it your looks; your amber eyes, cool white skin, your sparkle? Is it your strength; the ability to save me from a out of control van, a pack of wolves, an army of newborn vampires? Is it your old fashioned ideals; your chivalry, your passion, your desire to keep me safe at all times, to watch me sleep? Is it your immortality, your ability to make me immortal, to truly love me forever? Or is it just your exquisite taste in sports cars? I don’t really know, it’s probably a combination of all these thing. All I know is that your face fills my dreams, my husband is jealous, and I so wish vampires were real. Well, only the nice ones......

Love, Fiona

Sorry, just totally loving Twilight right now and have been meaning to right Edward a love letter, this was the perfect opportunity!! LOL
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font is called Be Safe (of course..LOL)