Created using 10 Things by Traci Reed

Created for GingerScraps Survivor. We had to write a letter to a loved one =) Here is what i wrote:

Love notes from the island...
My dearest Christopher,
I have been here on this island now for
quite sometime and all I can think
is how much I miss you. As you know,
I'm not good with words or expressing
how I feel. So I put together this list
because you know I am good with lists!

The top 10 things I love about you:
10) You're an amazing people person.
You make new friends everywhere.
9) You know what I am thinking
without me having to say a word.
8) You love to take things apart to
see how they work. Even though
you are always losing pieces.
7) You love my family. Or should
I say, you put up with my family.
6) Your great sense of humor.
Mine is totally different, yet
we laugh at all the same things.
5) You do everything I ask of you
without hesitation or a complaint.
4) You love my dogs just as much
as I do. Or at least pretend to.
3) I love the way you look at me.
Especially in the morning.
2) Your laugh. Your REAL laugh.
It is totally contagious.
1) When you hold my hand.
It still gives me butterflies.

Each night I dream we are here in
paradise together. I love you!!