Credits: Its Hot in Here by AnnaVB Designs

This is my sons actual firehouse and logo and the photo of the fire he was his first fire that was not practice. this photo was from the local paper.

Journaling: (2 Parts) part 1 (in license plate frame & requirement journaling)

If I were to describe you as a color it would be red. Your courage and bravery amaze me every day. Your personality is as intense as the jobs and hobbies you dedicate your life too.
I would also have to add some yellow, like the color of the flames you risk your life putting out, because when you walk in a room you bring joy to all those around you.

part 2: left side- i redid the WA that came from the kit

What is a firefighter?
Hes the guy next door.
Hes a guy
like you and me
with warts and worries
and unfulfilled dreams.
Yet he stands
taller than
most of us.
A fireman is at once
the most fortunate
and the least
of men.
Hes a man
who saves lives
because he has
seen too much death.
Hes a gentle man
because he has seen
the awesome
power of violence
out of control.
Hes responsive
to a childs laughter
because his arms
have held too many
small bodies
that will never
laugh again.
He doesnt preach
the brotherhood
of man.
He lives it.