this is my best friend back in NC. I moved to FL a year ago


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Poupoune - The First

the letter:

Dear Heather, August 6, 2009
I miss you so much! It really sucks living in a
new place with no friends! I miss our weekly coffee
nights without the kids. I feel like we are missing
so much of each other's lives. Unfortunately there
is nothing new to report on this end. My digital
scrapbooking stuff is going well though. I am in a
Designer Survivor contest right now. Today, we just
finished week one. My super awesome team and I did
a Dr.Seuss style fish kit that is totally awesome!
It's on my blog if you want to check it out. The
kids are doing great. Bekah has even started potty
training herself, which is great. It's not consis-
tant yet, but at least she gets the idea. I'm not
pushing her right now anyways as she's only 2. The
boy is getting so smart! I may be biased though.
LOL. He knows his colors and shapes to include
octogon and pentagon! We've started working on
numbers and the alphabet too. He can't count in
order yet, but he can tell you how many of some-
thing there is. He's so funny! he thinks his name
starts with "Moon" but that's probably because of
the shapes he learned including a cresent. My
husband now has 7 piercing and blue hair, all in
less than a month. Eyebrow, lip, tongue, both ears
at 4 gauge, and both nipples. He keeps asking me
to get a piercing but there is nothing I desire
to get metal shoved through. Well, that is about
it on the updates from us. Hope to hear from you