I finally got around getting this post done! My text is so long, that I really felt it needed to be a 24x12, but to keep it in line with the other LOs, I made it into a 12x12!

There are so many things I would like to do with a Million Dollars... as you will see in my journaling... but at the end, I realized that I really "have it all"!

Journaling reads:

My dear children,
Last night I had an awesome dream. I dreamt that I had won a million dollars! In my dream however, this amount of money was enough to purchase everything and anything that our hearts desired! We went ahead and paid off our mortgage and then, as if that wasn’t enough, we bought a “bigger and better” house! We were on a roll, so we bought a vacation beach front property just like we always wanted! And of course, the boat to go with it! But we did not have enough time to use it because of all the traveling we were doing! We went around the world looking for adventure!
After a while, e got tired of traveling and decided to “relax”. That was easy because we had servants doing all what used to be our chores and duties for us, and we soon decided that doing nothing was overrated! Next on our list was shopping! Oh, we shopped till we dropped… until there was nothing left in the stores that our hearts desired!
But a funny thing happened. We still were not completely happy! Not as we thought we would be after having all our “wants”! So, we searched and searched for that “one thing” that would finally make us feel complete!
One day, while looking elsewhere for our happiness, a little child approached us asking for food. She did not have any shoes and her “hand me down” clothing was old and torn by the years of use. She didn’t look like she had much in life, yet still something about her told us that she had found what we had been searching all along. She had this contentment look in her eyes that is hard to come by. We could not contain ourselves. We had to ask… How could such a poor little girl, look so peaceful and unpreoccupied? This is what she had to say:
“But I am not poor… On the contrary, I am very rich indeed! I have an awesome God that takes care of me and never lets me go without! When I go hungry, He makes sure that I have something to eat! If I am thirsty, I always find water nearby! My family does not have a huge house with lots of things inside. Instead, the Lord has provided us with a home. It is modest, but there is where we all gather at night and spend time as a family. There we share the love we have for one another. I even have an old doll that someone didn’t want anymore and I took her as my own! I use it to play with my friends in the neighborhood and it becomes my pillow at night. I know there are lots of things out there in this world that I do not have, but I have everything in the world that I need: A warm home to call my own, the love of my family, friends and an awesome God that anticipates all my needs. Some may say I am poor, but I feel as if I were a millionaire. I am rich with the things that matter most… love, faith and friendship!”
That is when I woke up. The million dollars, and all that came with it had a been nothing but a dream ! But I was a rich woman after all! Like the little girl, I have what matters most in life! What an awesome realization! My dream for both of you is that one day you look back at your own life, and that you too come to the conclusion that you too, are part of a rare group of people that are content with what they have and can say with conviction: “I may not be a millionaire, but I do ‘have it all’”.

Credits: Enchanted Sea collab kit by Kittie-digishop. Treasure chest by So Digitally Me.

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