Kit - Rambunctious Bundle of Boy by Kathy Winters
Word Art (1 on bundle, 1 on journal card) - Baby Love by Memories by Digital Design.
Template - Snow White Princess of the Month Templates from Memories by Digital Design.

Well, my pregnancy was no walk in the park with you. Between the nausea, heart burn, high blood pressure, pain and false labor that lasted months, I was relieved when my Dr. recommended inducing if you didn’t come by your due date. We went in on a Monday night, 2 days after your due date. Once we got there, they couldn’t induce the way they were planning to because I was already in labor. They were still help to help it along but it was very slow going. After 36 hours of very little progress, the Dr. checked me one more time before leaving for the office, and said you had started to come down but were now tipped sideways and stuck. I asked her point blank, what are my chances of being able to deliver you. She said she was 95% sure you were not going to be able to come out on your own. So, I was prepped for a C Section. The nurses joked that if you weren’t going to come on your own, we would have to evict you. I was so tired after a long two days that it was a relief to finally have the end in sight. We finally got to meet you on Wednesday morning at 7:53 am. You were 8 lbs, 12 oz, 21 in long with a 14 in head. We’re pretty sure that head size is what held you up!