Kit(s)/Element(s) Used: Easter Egg Brushes by Pehaa; Best in Love kit by Pixelily.

Font(s): CalligraphyFLF

Having become sick, then disabled, at a young age, I have come to rely on my family a great deal (mostly my mom and dad), more & more as my health continues to decline. Receiving a very poor 9-month prognosis and learning only recently that my mother is dying from a rare and deadly cancer and “has very little time", my whole world seems
to be falling apart around me. I have always been able to talk with mom about everything, and now I have to protect her by not sharing my own prognosis and even her own impending death. She knows she is dying, but she has no idea how little time she has. It's an ongoing struggle to keep my feelings "secret" and not be able to turn to her. If I talk or think about it, I break down. I just can't bear to lose her, the most special person in my life. I am relying heavily on faith in God, prayer, and a
necessary daily dose of denial just to get through each day. And of course, scrapbooking is one way I “escape” the horrible reality of my life right now. Speaking with Dan the other day, we both broke down crying on the phone. I was his "surrogate mother" as he grew up, and he told me the memories of all I did for him were flooding his mind. As my brothers never talk about losing Mom, I finally talked about this with him. Sadly, the reason he wasn't talking about it more was because he thought she had another ten years, and what I shared devastated him. He told me he broke down with in his doctor’s office, telling him, “My whole family is dying and my son hates me.” So much pain.

Quote: The great gift of Easter is hope - Christian hope which makes us have that confidence in God, in his ultimate triumph, and in his goodness and love, which
nothing can shake. Basil C. Hume