created using word art by Wendy Tunison from Challenge
with Pretty In Green Love My Boy kit
template freebie from Amber Morrison modified
journaling: I was a child before there was a diagonsis for Aspergers. Although there wasn’t a name, there was a history in my family and my mother did a wonderful job teaching me and protecting me. She moved when it was looking
like I would be forced into Special Ed. classes as she knew that it would be the worst situation for me. I met a wonderful teacher with a son with Downs and she helped me learn how I learned best. I am very proud that I was able to blend
into a classroom and be considered “normal” if a bit odd. But after all these years I’ve learned that the things that make me special and unique are some of the best parts of me. I love that I think differently than most people. It can be a challenge at times but that is okay with me. My children all fall somewhere on the spectrum as well and although I don’t always understand them I appreciate that they are unique and wonderfully made and thanks to my experience I know that is a fantastic thing!