My brother's 15 1/2 year old dog Jasmine crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. After the visit to the Vet the family held a brief graveside service on my brother's country property.

She was a good ol' girl. Her and Dillon have been pals since Dillon was a wee pup and Jazzy was 2-yrs old. My hubby and I were the go-to dog-sitters for Jasmine whenever my brother and his wife went away. These photos were taken the last time we dog-sat for them in early July. She will be missed.

Kit: 'Cats and Dogs' (Connie Prince)
Template: 'Circle Sensations 3' (Inspired by You Designs)

For the background I blended one of my own sky photos into a paper from Connie's kit. Then I added a transparent layer over it in PSP and painted on a rainbow using 7 colors, with 15% opacity. It was an experiment and it worked out OK. I extracted the bunny rabbit. Jazzy loved to chase rabbits. She never caught one, but she loved to try, lol.